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AAR19New York Conference

Theme: Corporate Governance: New perspectives and Challenges!!

Conference Dates: April 26-28, 2019
Venue: Wagner College, One Campus Road, Staten Island,
NY 10301 USA.

Conference Feedback


Conference Chair

Dr. Saurav Roychoudhury,

Capital University,


Panel Discussion

Topic : " Tackling Global Economic Challenges!"


Dear & Esteemed Colleagues,


We are pleased to extend a warm welcome to you to the Fifth American Academic Research Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Social Sciences (AAR19New York Conference) being jointly organized by Wagner College, the Global Business Research Journals (GBRJ), at their beautiful campus in Staten Island, New York, USA from 26–28 April, 2019.

Delegates are hereby requested to submit your abstracts/ full papers/ case studies/ posters in all areas of business and social sciences research.

Panel Discussion!

Panel Discussions are always a part of our conferences as they add greater value to the global academic community taking part in our conferences from across the world.
Topic: Tackling Global Economic Challenges!

Important Dates!

Abstract or Full Paper or Case Studies or Posters Submission Deadline : January 20, 2019 February 28, 2019
Communication of Acceptance : Three Days
Last Date for Registration : February 20, 2019 March 10, 2019
Conference Dates : April 26-28, 2019


Conference Objectives!

Corporate Governance!

According to Goergen and Renneboog (2006) “Corporate governance system is the combination of mechanisms which ensure that the management (the agent) runs the firm for the benefit of one or several stakeholders (principals). Such stakeholders may cover shareholders, creditors, suppliers, clients, employees and other parties with whom the firm conducts its business”.

Bruce Weber, Dean of the Lerner College of Business at the University of Delaware, has defined a simple, clear and straight-forward definition of the term corporate governance as …………“accountability to providers of capital.”

Corporate Governance and the Society!

Corporate Governance defines the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders of a firm, particularly, in terms of its governance, both internal and external governance. When it comes to internal stakeholders, company executives, directors, shareholders and employees play a key role in carrying out the duties and tasks in order to achieve the objectives of the companies. Providers of capital such as shareholders and debtors form part of the external stakeholders apart from suppliers and customers. Society at large also expects the companies to offer greater value to them and take care of their rights.

Corporate Governance Supports Long-term Business Success!

Corporate Governance helps a company to set its direction and goals in order to achieve long-term success with prudent management and entrepreneurial abilities. It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to ensure that the governance of the company is appropriate, responsible and make sure that each and every activity helps achieve long-term business success in order to safeguard the interest of the investors. Corporate Governance is considered to be a higher level function focusing more on strategic objectives of a company.

Transparency & Accountability!

Corporate Governance makes an attempt, among others, to ensure that there is transparency and accountability in the functioning of the company. This gains further significance on the fallout of various sad episodes such as Enron scandal which shook the corporate world, two decades back.
In a nutshell, a more responsible behavior is expected thereof from corporate establishments.

Against this background, the upcoming conference in New York aims at achieving the following objectives:

a) Identify and analyze the major issues and challenges affecting corporate governance-related issues, globally;
b) Undertake meaningful research activities on the above issues so that governance is at its best not only in major global corporations but in every business entity throughout the world;
c) Provide an ideal platform for researchers, economists, bankers and practitioners to network and share their research and practical experiences to develop models and systems for addressing the corporate governance, transparency, accountability and other related dimensions; and
d) Suggest innovative solutions to the above issues so that the corporate world and its governance gains a fresh face-lift, in the days to come.