International Academic Research Conference on Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Vietnam.

International Conference on Multiple Academic Disciplines, Vietnam.

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AP17Vietnam Conference

Theme: Research for Advancement!

Conference Dates: August 18-19, 2017

Venue: Vietnam Maritime University, 484 Lach Tray, Ngo Quyen,
Haiphong, Vietnam.

ISBN: 978-1-943579-61-7

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Keynote Address

Dr. Pham Xuan Duong,

Vietnam Maritime University,
Hải Phòng, Vietnam.


Invited Lecture

Topic:"Educators as Ambassadors, Researchers, and Defenders of Educational Research Applications and Final Work Products"

Dr. Bob Barrett,

Professor, School of Business,
American Public University, USA.


Panel Discussion

Topic : Are you an effective mentor?
A few thoughts!!


Dear & Esteemed Colleagues,


The Conference Advisory Board, in cooperation with the Japan-Mekong Regional Logistics Training Centre of Vietnam Maritime University, Global Business Research Journals (GBRJ) & Greater Vision Conferences & Seminars-Dubai-UAE, have the pleasure of inviting you to the Annual Vietnam Academic Research Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance & Management Sciences (AP17Vietnam Conference) to be held at Hai Phong (near Hanoi City), Vietnam from 18-19 August, 2017.

We invite full papers/abstracts/case studies in all areas of research in Business Studies. In addition to paper presentations and discussions, this upcoming conference will include invited lectures on contemporary topics in Global Business, Economics, Finance, Management Studies and Social Sciences.

Important Dates!

Abstract /Full Paper Submission Deadline : June 30, 2017 August 10, 2017
Communication of Acceptance : 3 Days
Last Date for Registration : July 10, 2017 August 15, 2017
Conference Dates : August 18-19, 2017


Conference Objectives:

Research – The Key Factor for Social and Economic Progress!

Research is an important factor for social advancement and economic progress for every nation. Advanced economies have always accorded top priority for research and they continue to fund many innovative research projects for social development and economic prosperity. Research helps every stakeholders such as government, planners, policy makers, banks, institutions to understand issues and problems afflicting the society.

For an educational institution, research is extremely important and crucial in order to assess the community needs and synchronize the curriculum to hone the skills of the students, accordingly.

Research is Crucial for Manufacturing Sector!

In the same way, research is crucial to a manufacturer to ensure that there is a market for his products which avoids product failure at a later stage. Analyzing the consumer demand is a part of this process as it helps gain advantage over competitors and know the market trends, competition and market size, too. Research also helps in understanding the demand in local, national and global markets for the products.

Uncovering New Models, Principles and Theories

In simple terms, research helps every segment of the society to progress and achieve greater results. Research, undoubtedly, is a strategy to make new discoveries, clear old myths and discover new models and approach to every segment of the society. It helps you to measure your progress and achievement. Research is all the more important for academics as they have a huge mandate to shape up the younger generation.

In view of the above background, the upcoming conference in Hai Phong (near Hanoi City), Vietnam aims at achieving the following objectives.

Conference Objectives:

a) Provide great networking platform for researchers and highly motivated academicians in an ideal location;

b) Offer a conducive atmosphere for researchers, economists, thinkers and analysts to share their research ideas, models and insights with fellow delegates from across the globe.

c) Create an atmosphere of trust and confidence so that meaningful interactions with like-minded people would give birth to new projects, collaborative research works and funding opportunities for researchers;

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