Paper Submission!

The author guidelines given below describe the requirements for submitting the manuscripts for consideration/publication in GBRJ.

The manuscripts submitted should be in a single file (MSWord) and the entire article should be organized as per the submission guidelines.
* Journal for which the article is submitted
* Title of your article
* First Author
* First Author Email Id
* First Author's Contact No.
Second Author
Third Author
Fourth Author
Manuscript (with identity)(MSWord)
Manuscript (without identity)(MSWord)


Submission Guidelines!

The authors are required to follow the prescribed guidelines for submitting the manuscripts for consideration/publication by our journals. The manuscripts should be submitted in a single file (MSWord) and the entire manuscript should be organized as follows:

Page 1 :

This is the cover page. It will have the title of the article, author(s) name(s), email ids of all the authors, name of the college/university/institution along with institutional email/web addresses and telephone/fax numbers.This page will have the abstract of the manuscript which does not exceed 300 words. The abstract will include the background, objectives, methodology and major findings of the study. This is followed by a list of four to six key words. JEL classification will also be given, here. From this page onwards, the author details should not be entered anywhere in the manuscript as it is an essential criteria for blind review.The authors will also give two to four key words and the JEL (Journal of Economic Literature) classification in this page.

Page 2 onwards: The article/manuscript starts from this page.

Please type the entire script in Times New Roman, Font size 11, single line spaced using A4 size paper with margin 1.5 on the left and 1 on all the other sides. Please ensure that tables and figures appear at the relevant pages where discussions are made. Also, give a suitable title and number to all the tables.

      Follow Harvard Referencing style.

      You may use the sample paper format provided.

      The entire manuscript should not exceed twenty pages including tables and references.

      The editorial review team reserves the right to edit/modify/improve the manuscript.

Paper Format!


Editorial Policy

The editorial policy sets the purpose and principles of GBRJ. The primary purpose of GBRJ is to promote high-quality research that can address the emerging global economic, business & other related issues. It aims at finding means and ends to the problems that we face. Since the issues and problems largely encompass global economic, marketing and human resources-related issues, our journals encourage both area-specific and inter-disciplinary research work/case studies to address/tackle these complex problems.

The journal reserves the right to reject a manuscript if it does not meet the standards set by the respective Editorial Review Boards. We would like to further clarify that, under no circumstances, refund of the 'processing fee' will be made to the authors.

GBRJ expects the authors to indicate the category to which their ‘study/research’ suitably belong to.

The research articles should be original, real and highly useful to global audience. The research findings should be applicable and adaptable.
Brevity is the soul of thought. The authors are required to express themselves precisely and exactly. Their articles or case studies may run to a maximum of 25 pages in journal including abstracts, tables, charts, figures and references.
Authors are also hereby instructed not to simultaneously submit their manuscripts to other journals or present them in conferences.


Publication Ethics

Authors are hereby requested to limit the total number of pages in an article to twenty. Editor reserves the right to edit/modify/improve/reject the manuscript if it does not comply with the objectives of the journal. Checking for copying, similarity with other works and ensuring that there are no ‘copyright violations’ in any form is the sole responsibility of the authors. GBRJ, in no way, is responsible for any such violations or claims to be made by anyone now or in the future.

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