First European Academic Research Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Social Sciences

EAR15_Italy Conference at Milan, Italy. June 30-July 1-2, 2015

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Proceedings of the First European Academic Research Conference on Global Business,
Economics, Finance and Social Sciences
(EAR15_Italy Conference)

June 30-July 1-2, 2015
Venue: Milan Marriott Hotel, Italy.
ISBN: 978-1-63415-028-6
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Sovereign Wealth Funds Investment Effects on Target Firm's Competitors: Jocelyn Grira, UAE University, UAE.
Socio-Legal Reflections on the Eurozone’s Crisis Management Strategy: Michael Longo, Victoria University, Australia.
The Terminator of Economic Recessions: A New Theory Rising from the Ashes of Keynesian and Neoclassical Economics: Samuel Meng, University of New England, Australia.
Measuring Systemic Risk: Empirical Evidence on US Banks: Jying-Nan Wang, Fo Guang University, Taiwan, Hung-Chun Liu, Minghsin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan& Yuan-Teng Hsu, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan.
Can We Really Trust Expert Reviews? Illustrated by the Case of Recommendations on the Financial Information Sharing Website: Ya-Ling Chiu, Tungnan University, Taiwan, Chiao-Ming Cheng, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan & Yuan-Teng Hsu, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan.
The New Empirics of the Relationship between Stock Market Development and CO2 Emissions- Testing in Non-linear Heterogeneous Panels: Lee Joe-Ming, Fo Guang University, Taiwan.
Measuring the Downside Risk of the Exchange-traded Funds: Do the Volatility Estimators Matter?: Soon-yang Kim, Yeungnam University, South Kore Hung-Chun Liu, Minghsin University of Science & Technology, Taiwan, Jying-Nan Wang, Fo Guang University, Taiwan & Yuan-Teng Hsu, Yuan Ze University, Taiwana.
Imitation vs Innovation: A Balanced Perspective: Isaac Wanasika, University of Northern Colorado, USA.
Innovation and Performance in Multinational Subsidiaries: The Role of Headquarters-Initiated Knowledge and Subsidiary Strategic Choices: Lu-Jui Chen, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan.
Service Innovation Practices and Competitive Advantage: The Case of Manufacturing Firms: Feng-Hsu Liu, Shih Hsin University, Taiwan.
Liquidity and the Cross Section of Equity Returns: The Case for South Africa: JD Van Heerden, Stellenbosch University, South Africa & Paul Van Rensburg, Stellenbosch University, South Africa.
Leverage Decisions in Portfolio Management: JTom Nohel, Loyola University of Chicago, USA, Steven Todd, Loyola University of Chicago, USA & Z. Jay Wang, University of Oregon, USA.
Efficiency Tests in European Equity Markets: Anupam Dutta, University of Vaasa, Finland.
Culture and Tourism-Oriented Local Traditional Market Strategies in Korea: Heung-Ryel, Kim, MokWon University, Korea.
Exploring Macau and its Air Transportation Development: APotential Strategic Gateway Connecting Europe,Portuguese Speaking Countries, China and Southeast Asia: Harry Xia, University of Saint Joseph, Macau & Kevin Yu, University of Saint Joseph, Macau.
Two Consecutive Hot Market Periods: Is the IPO Market in South Africa Changing Over Time? : Van Aardt Smit, University of the Free State, South Africa.
Effects of Inter-cultural Communication Apprehension on Satisfaction of Foreign Students: Faruk SEYITOGLU, Akdeniz University, Turkey, Aylin GUVEN, Akdeniz University, Turkey & Ozge KOCABULUT, Akdeniz University, Turkey.
A New Framework for Selecting Variables in Fraud Detection Research: Adrian Gepp, Bond University, Australia &Kuldeep; Kumar, Bond University, Australia.
Analysis of online shopping in China: An empirical study of online consumer behavior: Haifeng Li, Yamaguchi University, Japan & Yang Jiao, Yamaguchi University, Japan.
Assessing the Impact of Equity Derivatives Introduction in NSE, India: Dinakar P, Indian Institute of Science, India & Chiranjit Mukhopadhyay, Indian Institute of Science, India.
Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Romania. Policy Implications: Raluca Mariana Grosu, The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania.