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imagTourism, at present, has been experiencing phenomenal growth. It is one of the most promising economic sectors in the World. International tourism has been witnessing strong growth after the global economic meltdown. This industry is slowly becoming one of the drivers of economic growth in many parts of the world. Tourism has great link to economic development providing both direct and indirect employment opportunities to millions. Addition of new tourist destinations is a great boon to this sector. Competition prevailing in this sector has helped healthy growth of the sector as every destination makes bonafide attempts to attract tourists by assuring them a rich and memorable experience
Quality of service and greater tourism experience enjoyed by the tourists only will help growth of this hospitality sector for which high quality research, of course, is quite important.

Against this background, our journal aims at publishing peer-reviewed articles in order to achieve the following objectives:
To encourage high quality research in order to improve sustainable tourism and enhance greater tourism experience for tourists visiting different parts of the World;
To provide a platform for credible and original research on contemporary topics in the field of tourism, hospitality, leisure management and other related fields;
To create a conducive atmosphere wherein researchers would identify the factors that encourage healthy interaction between tourists and the locals so that the former would have a greater understanding of different cultures/heritage, customs, living conditions and the age-old practices and traditions;
To conduct research on socially important places of tourist attractions so that greater tourism projects are undertaken in order to generate job opportunities for the locals and technically qualified people;
To offer researchers, academicians, planners, policy makers, practitioners and scholars, a huge source of information and platform to share their views and experiences with the global academicians, thinkers and scholars.


Global Business Research Journals (GBRJ)

‘Best Reviewer’ Awards - 2018 & 19

Global Review of Research in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Management
(ISSN: 2311-3189)

Category: Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure Management

Dr. Anastasios Zopiatis
Department of Hotel and Tourism Management,
Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus.

Dr. Tamer Mohamed Atef
Department of Tourism,
Sultan Qaboos University, Oman.

Prof. Dr. Brent Lovelock
Centre for Recreation Research, Department of Tourism,
University of Otago,
New Zealand.