Second European Academic Research Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Banking

EAR15_SWISS Conference at Zurich, Switzerland. July 3-5, 2015


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

EAR15_SWISS Conference

1. Does the ‘conference fee’ include hotel accommodation also?

No. The ‘conference fee’ includes two continental lunches, four coffee breaks, conference proceedings in a CD, participation certificate and a folder. Hotel accommodation will be made by the delegates on their own.

2. Where shall we stay in Swiss? Can you suggest a ‘budget hotel’ near the conference venue?

Steigenberger Hotel Bellerive au Lac is centrally located on the promenade on the banks of Lake Zurich.You can access the below link to get details of hotels near the conference venue – A google search or would be quite helpful to identify a good hotel based on your budget.

3. Do you provide any funding support to the participants?

Sorry. We do not have provisions to make any funding support to the participants. Participants have to make their own funding arrangements to attend the conference.

4. Do I need a visa to visit Swiss?

Obtaining visa to visit Swiss depends on your nationality. We would strongly suggest you to visit the following website to know whether you would need visa or not. Citizens from certain countries do not require visas to enter and stay in the country for 90 days. Kindly access the below link to know more about Swiss visa policy -

5. Can the paper be presented without participating in the conference?

In general, we do not encourage this practice. One of the primary objectives of attending academic research conferences is to meet delegates from different parts of the world to network and know contemporary research works in different disciplines. Conferences provide great opportunities to know the emerging trends and the funding opportunities available. Also, it helps in fostering good relationship with fellow delegates so that joint and inter-disciplinary research works can be undertaken. However, in case the delegate has some practical issues or difficulties to attend the conference in person, for instance, difficulties in obtaining visas, you may present your paper in-absentia.

6. Who will present my paper ‘In-absentia’?

Either the Conference Chair or Conference Director or any other senior professors will present your paper ‘In-absentia’. You will get a certificate clearly mentioning that your paper was presented in-absentia.

7. I want the abstract of my research paper to be published in the conference proceedings and not the full paper. Is it possible?

Yes. If you would like to publish only the abstract, you may do so. In such cases, your abstract alone will be published in the conference proceedings.

8. I would like to pay the conference ‘registration fee’ on the spot. Is it possible?

No. Delegates should remit the conference registration fee on or before the deadline. However, if you are a delegate from Iran, the conference committee permits the Iranian Delegates to pay the fee on the spot. All other delegates will pay their conference registration fee on or before the deadlines as given in the conference website.

9. In which journal will my paper be published?

We publish six journals and they are available in our website i., In general, the authors will suggest the journal in which their paper should be published. However, you may also request us to suggest the journal. Based on the area of the paper, we would publish it in our journals provided you have improved the paper based on the feedback/suggestions/comments given by the anonymous reviewers.

10. Can I directly opt for publishing the paper without presenting the paper at the conference orwithout participation?

Yes. In such cases, you will pay only the publication fee of US$100.